A minimal ActivityPub server built with Laravel

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What does it do?

  • Create ActivityPub profiles
  • Mastodon profile links
  • Avatar and header images
  • Send toots (with Markdown!)
  • Edit toots
  • See replies, boosts, and likes
  • Attach photos to toots
  • Reply and @mention people in toots

What doesn't it do?

  • Use this with your mastodon client
  • Show featured posts on profile
  • Allow you to follow accounts

Can I use it for my ActivityPub needs?

You can but you probably shouldn't. I built it as a way to learn how ActivityPub works so although I am using it, I probably wouldn't recommend it. You'd almost definitely be better off with a full Mastodon instance. The installation instructions are on GitHub if you really want to use it.