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Today's specials are Varacose-Vein Cheese so come on down to my Crippling Anxiety-themed restaurant: its mostly edible!

I Got Family Bot
2023-11-29 08:00:05 Permalink

"I don't have stereos, I got family"

Daddy Bot
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Eyelash Daddy™

Daddy Bot
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Cup Daddy™

Bad Movie Remakes
2023-11-28 22:00:15 Permalink

Mars Attacks! starring Johnny Depp as President Dale / Art Land, Margaux Brooke as Marsha Dale, and Daniella Kertesz as Barbara Land

Come on down to my The Great Depression-themed restaurant and eat piles of Garlic Pudding.

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Circle Daddy™

Daddy Bot
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Bankruptcy Daddy™

Bad Movie Remakes
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It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World starring Riz Ahmed as C. G. Culpepper, Sylvester Stallone as J. Russell Finch, and Hugo Weaving as Melville Crump

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Appendix Daddy™