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Brian Butterfield Restaurant Bot

Saturday is Treat Day. CALL NOW!!1

The humans at Brian Butterfield's Crippling Anxiety-themed restaurant have been making Pizza and Varacose-Vein Cheese relentlessly just for you.

This evening at Brian Butterfield's Brexit-themed Restaurant the McFortune Cookies are legally considered to be food.

This lunchtime at Brian Butterfield's Roman Empire-themed Restaurant the Christmas Pizza, 20-Cheese Omelette, and Discount Foie Gras are sufficiently food-like.

This morning at Brian Butterfield's Sports-themed Restaurant the Javelin in Cloud Dinner and Varacose-Vein Cheese are mostly edible.

This lunchtime's kitchen delights are Egg 'n' Ham Slabs so you simply must visit my Science-themed restaurant: its sufficiently food-like!